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Parents:Your 5-Step Guide to Safer Internet Search for Your Kids

In the first half of 2011, a study from enterprise security firm Blue Coat shows that nearly 40% of all malware incidents were initiated through search engines and portals. Protect your family from threats by following these five steps to safer web search: #1 Trust but Verify In their quest to provide an answer to […]

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6 Ways to Protect Your Privacy and Personal Data Like a Ninja

By Michelle Dennedy If it’s not already, one of your biggest nightmares should be applying for a credit card one day only to get denied and then later find out that someone stole your identity and bought not one, but two cars in your name (and that they had the nerve not to ever pay […]

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5 Insider Secrets for Protecting Your Child’s Identity

By Michelle Finneran Dennedy 1. Be Aware. The data doesn’t lie: Children’s identities are stolen over 50 times as often as those of adults! As parents, we work so hard to protect their children from germs and predators, not knowing that the insidious threat of child identity theft may be the fastest-growing and least-well-known crime […]

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