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5 Rules Every Smart Parent Should Impose on Kids’ Internet Use

The Internet is a fascinating, educational, horrifying and dangerous place. This presents many challenges for parents. We want to make sure our kids get every opportunity they can and that they’re exposed to the joys of the modern connected life. But, we also want to keep them safe and secure. That means smart parents can’t […]

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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Today, more than ever, a young person’s online presence can define their future. With more and more children and teens taking the first step of creating their online footprint via social networking sites, it is extremely important to build their awareness of the implications and dangers associated with a social web presence. Facebook is the […]

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5 Shocking Truths about Child ID Theft

By Michelle Dennedy Why single out Child ID theft? Well, for starters it’s a growing problem and it’s a beast that’s very different from the problem of adult ID theft. There’s a general lack of awareness and “no harm done” mentality around the issue that I hope to kick in the behind. Here are five […]

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