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Why Should We Care About Child ID Theft?

By Michelle Finneran Dennedy May 12, 2011 It’s not like kids typically have a lot of cash on hand to steal. It’s not like they are looking to get heavy into real estate very soon. So, why should we care? First, Child ID Theft can have a large impact on a child that it may not for an […]

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Welcome to the First Edition of the Identity Project

For the next month or two, The Identity Project will focus on the issue of child identity theft.  Then, we will focus on other important issues, like healthcare identity theft.  So, why is child identity theft the first issue? The very first edition of The Identity Project is a fitting topic given my professional experiences […]

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Interview with Joanne McNabb – Child Identity Theft

Chief, California Officer of  Privacy Protection, Joanne McNabb interviewed by Michelle Finneran Dennedy [vsw id="23629749" source="vimeo" width="575"  height= "450" autoplay="no"]   Video Transcript: Michelle Dennedy: In general, when you’re hearing consumer complaints coming into your office, are you seeing an incidence of childhood identity theft? Joanne McNabb: The way that we have usually found out […]

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