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Geeky Jargon for Smart Moms & Dads

By Michelle Dennedy I have a degree in psychology and another in law. I have no more formal education to talk about technology than your average high school kid. But what I do have is a ton of curiosity about how things actually work and a desire to be an active participant in the kinds […]

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5 Myths about Child Identity Theft: BUSTED!

By Michelle Dennedy “My child is not at risk.” “Why does it even matter at that age?” These are some of the common responses parents often say when they first hear about the issue of child identity theft. But there are some big myths out there that deserve to be busted. Myth #1: Kids with […]

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3 Myths about Your Privacy

By Michelle Dennedy We all want things. We want convenience, speed, fun. We want a social life. We want to get our work done. We also want for our families:  we want them to be safe, well educated and healthy. When it comes to being consumers – whether we’re buying a TV at a store, […]

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