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5 Real-life Consequences of Child ID Theft

By Michelle Dennedy Think your child has nothing to lose even if his or her identity gets stolen? Think again. This is one of the most common misconceptions about the crime, and also the deadliest. This “nothing to lose” mentality can contribute to your child’s vulnerability and set them up for a lifetime of crap […]

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5 Shocking Truths about Child ID Theft

By Michelle Dennedy Why single out Child ID theft? Well, for starters it’s a growing problem and it’s a beast that’s very different from the problem of adult ID theft. There’s a general lack of awareness and “no harm done” mentality around the issue that I hope to kick in the behind. Here are five […]

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How Reality Bites the Dream

5 Devastating Outcomes of Child Identity Theft (vs. Adult Identity Theft) By Michelle Dennedy July 10, 2011 We have plenty to worry about as parents. Is my kid well-adjusted? Good at math? Good at making friends? Am I feeding him the right things? Protecting him from pesticides? Setting a good example?  Sheesh – the list […]

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