5 Shocking Truths about Child ID Theft

By Michelle Dennedy

Why single out Child ID theft? Well, for starters it’s a growing problem and it’s a beast that’s very different from the problem of adult ID theft. There’s a general lack of awareness and “no harm done” mentality around the issue that I hope to kick in the behind.

Here are five facts about child ID theft I guarantee will surprise you:

  • Child ID theft is a crime that can be prevented.
  • It will happen or has happened to someone you know.
  • Five of your child’s classmates will have their identities stolen this year.
  • Schools, hospitals, church groups, and scouting clubs generally do not have expertise or budget to your child’s data. This makes that data an easy target for criminals.
  • Kids don’t have complete credit records – or at least they shouldn’t. This makes it difficult to check your child’s history and know for sure that no one has stolen their identity.

OK, now that you’re all scared you can rest easier knowing that there are support systems in place that can help you be proactive. You can learn about and discuss child ID theft  here at TheIdentityProject.com. You can nudge your state government into action. And you can explore systems like AllClearID.com.



Michelle Dennedy was America’s first Chief Privacy Officer, for Sun Microsystems. When Michelle’s own daughter’s identity was attacked, she vowed that she would never let it happen again. Michelle is now the Editor-in-Chief of The Identity Project, which is sponsored by AllClearID. AllClearID will monitor your child’s identity, notify you securely if it has been compromised, and repair and restore it – at no cost to you.