Welcome to the First Edition of the Identity Project

For the next month or two, The Identity Project will focus on the
issue of child identity theft.  Then, we will focus on other important
issues, like healthcare identity theft.  So, why is child identity
theft the first issue?

The very first edition of The Identity Project is a fitting topic
given my professional experiences in data protection and my personal
experience as a mother to two wonderful and wacky Dennedys.  I have to
confess that, until a few months ago, I had a rather glib
understanding of the real impact and importance of Identity Theft in
general and a complete ignorance when it came to Child ID Theft and ID
Fraud.  It is my great hope that this first conversation in The
Identity Project will help define and elevate this important topic.

We are not paying close enough attention to what happens when we
generate or use our children’s information.  We are not planning for
and executing plans t protect our children as much as we should in
this new Information Economy where Identities are bought, sold and
traded like so much left over chaff.  Our policies and practices still
fall far short of addressing the emergent risks to our kids and the
future integrity of our credit data in general.

But, there is great hope.  Now we have data to help us explore this
issue.  Now we have some tools to help our kids recover when their
identities have been compromised.  Now we have leaders and innovators
who are willing to lead the way and talk about their experience.  We
are thrilled to bring this new site to life and hope that you will be
an active participant and The Identity Project recidivist.

This have been revsised on July 11, 2011