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Interview with Joanne McNabb – Intro

Chief, California Officer of  Privacy Protection, Joanne McNabb interviewed by Michelle Finneran Dennedy [vsw id="23629246" source="vimeo" width="575" height="450" autoplay="no"] Transcript of Video: Michelle Dennedy:  Thank you, to our first inaugural, the Identity Project interview. With me is Joanne McNabb, the Chief of the California Office of Privacy Protection. First of all, thank you, Joann, so […]

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5 Insider Secrets for Protecting Your Child’s Identity

By Michelle Finneran Dennedy 1. Be Aware. The data doesn’t lie: Children’s identities are stolen over 50 times as often as those of adults! As parents, we work so hard to protect their children from germs and predators, not knowing that the insidious threat of child identity theft may be the fastest-growing and least-well-known crime […]

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New Data Reveals Growing Child Identity Theft Epidemic

By Michelle Dennedy What does the new CyLab Carnegie Mellon research add to our knowledge and understanding of this issue?  What are the implications of this new data? On April 1, 2011, CyLab Carnegie Melon published the largest ever study on child identity theft, analyzing 42,000 kids over a one-year period.  The results are shocking […]

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