5 Rules Every Smart Parent Should Impose on Kids’ Internet Use

The Internet is a fascinating, educational, horrifying and dangerous place. This presents ...

5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Today, more than ever, a young person’s online presence can define their ...

5 Shocking Truths about Child ID Theft

By Michelle Dennedy Why single out Child ID theft? Well, for starters ...

How Reality Bites the Dream

5 Devastating Outcomes of Child Identity Theft (vs. Adult Identity Theft) By ...

Geeky Jargon for Smart Moms & Dads

By Michelle Dennedy I have a degree in psychology and another in ...

New Data Reveals Growing Child Identity Theft Epidemic

By Michelle Dennedy What does the new CyLab Carnegie Mellon research add ...

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Parents:Your 5-Step Guide to Safer Internet Search for Your Kids

In the first half of 2011, a study from enterprise security firm Blue Coat shows that nearly 40% of all malware incidents were initiated through search engines and portals. Protect your family from threats by following these five steps to safer web search: #1 Trust but Verify In their quest to provide an answer to […]

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How to Know if Your Kid Is Ready for Email

If you’re like me, your kid sees you checking your email at least 100 times a day on your smartphone, laptop, iPad, you name it. So when she comes asking to set up her own email account, how can you say no? As the parent, of course, you always reserve the right to say no […]

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5 Real-life Consequences of Child ID Theft

By Michelle Dennedy Think your child has nothing to lose even if his or her identity gets stolen? Think again. This is one of the most common misconceptions about the crime, and also the deadliest. This “nothing to lose” mentality can contribute to your child’s vulnerability and set them up for a lifetime of crap […]

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